Following the recent launch of Steel City Courier’s Campaign, Claim Back West Street, people have come forward with their personal West Street experiences.

In recent polls carried out by Claim Back West Street via social media, findings have suggested boys are mostly feeling unsafe whilst on the popular Sheffield street.

23% of poll respondents were male. 74% of whom said they felt unsafe whilst on a night out in West Street.

Tom, a student at the University of Sheffield shared his experience on West Street, where he was mugged by two men.

He said: “Recently, myself and a few housemates went on a spontaneous night out to a nightclub in Sheffield, Corporation. All was well, we were having a great time until I found myself on my own heading up to West Street.

“Looking back everything was a blur. On a street adjacent to West Street, two boys approached me. They mugged me.”

They stole Tom’s bank card. When he checked his bank statement the following morning it showed that his card had been used in the Sheffield Convenience Store on West Street.

He added: “I managed to retrieve my wallet, after wrestling it out of one of the guys’ hands. That was the wallet my Nan bought me for my 21st Birthday. “

“I felt violated, angry and vulnerable in a city I once felt safe in. In some respects, I am glad it was a blur because if I had a full recollection of what happened that night, I would struggle to return to West Street again.”

Claim Back West Street is working in order to ensure that everyone feels safe again. Follow the campaign via Instagram  @claimbackweststreet.