A 23-year old from Scarborough was spiked via injection in West Street Live on Halloween.  

Sam McManus and his friend were both injected at the popular West Street bar on 31 October. They suspect the incident took place between 23:00 and 00:00. West Street Live has refused to comment.

Describing his experience, Sam said: “Both of us were injected in the lower back. I remember feeling in my subconscious that we had to leave, I just had this gut feeling that something had happened.

Half an hour later, he felt a dull pain, which he suspects was the needle scratch.

He added: “After that, my memory is completely gone. There is a three-to-four hour gap, where I cannot remember a thing.”

Sam and his friend found themselves in Scarborough A&E for 12 hours the following morning after waking up and realising something wasn’t right. 

“It was like a hangover but multiply that feeling by 10,” he said. 

At the hospital, they conducted blood tests, and luckily they were in the clear. However, Sam was told there were traces of a proactive stimulant in his system that would take a few days to be flushed out. 

He was also informed at the hospital that it was most definitely a needle scratch and it appeared as though the perpetrator had tried to inject him multiple times.

Sam continued: “I suppose I have been quite lucky but I don’t have a clue why we were targeted. It makes me feel so sick and disturbed. I’ve never felt so vulnerable, my anxiety has gone through the roof. The perpetrators of these crimes mustn’t realise they are ruining people’s mental health.”

If you have any information please contact South Yorkshire Police on 101.


Puncture Mark in Sam’s Lower Back