Start-up Day returned to Sheffield yesterday for the first time since the beginning of the COVID pandemic.

It was a day of free talks and practical advice sessions designed to support people who run a local business or have an idea for a potential business.

Sophie Heaton, 31, is a Business Engagement and Marketing Manager who was one of the organisers of the event in the Steel City.

She said: “We have a really good turn out today. We didn’t host an event last year because of Covid, so it is really exciting to be able to have people back in the library, to be able to support them face to face and to engage with new businesses in the city.

“Engaging online, especially after so long of trying to do so, was getting tireing.  Having face to face conversations gives a better opportunity to connect with other people, to connect with other businesses.”

It was organised by the Business & IP Centre’s Start-up with involvement from over 20 libraries around the UK, including Central Library in Sheffield.

The event consisted of various sessions, including ones presented by local businesses and councillors.

Mrs Heaton said: “This year’s theme is sustainability. It is specifically aimed at existing businesses that want an advice on how to make some proactive changes within their business model to make themselves more sustainable. And also, it is aimed at anyone one who wants to start a business”

In the morning, Central Library hosted a range of external speakers from local businesses who have sustainability at the core. In the afternoon sessions were focused on the support for start-ups available from Sheffield City Council.

Mrs Heaton added: “On a wider scale, we hope that through this event we can help businesses in Sheffield to start to make changes and then, moving forward, we hope they will come back to us to use our support networks so that they can be fully supported in their business journey.”