While She Sleeps, a Sheffield-born metalcore band, celebrated a year of running their Patreon by opening their doors to members yesterday.

The Patreon, Sleep Society, is a fan-focused platform that allows the band to expand their relationship with fans and the event was held in their warehouse at Kelham Island from 11AM to 4PM.

This gave fans the chance to ask the band members questions in a Q&A panel, watch documentary showings of past tours and play their equipment among other things.

Loz Taylor, the lead singer of the band, said: “Since we started, we wanted to create a community based around the band that people felt comfortable in and could have a good time with. Fast forward to now, it feels like we managed to create that which is mind-blowing to think about.

“Our fan base is really friendly, honest, and passionate – a reflection of what you get at these open days.”

“Fans can join in for a month with £5, get the benefits, and unsubscribe any time they wish. Whether you’re just starting as a brand new artist, just coming up, or already established I think there’s a way around the model that we’ve done to make it work for you.”

Merchandise and records were available for fans to buy on the day.

Mat Welsh, the guitarist of the band, said: “We’re trying this model out for other people to share. And maybe the 14-year-old kid who wants to be in a band doesn’t have to put ten years plus in before he can afford to move out.

“I just want to try out things. I get all my buzz and kicks from doing things that I don’t know what the result will be.”

“We’ve come out of Covid stronger than we went into it which is not a very common story for creatives and artists, and that’s because of our fan base. Hopefully, today is an example of their effort working.”

The band is now looking towards playing a month of arenas next month, a huge opportunity to play to over a hundred thousand people with so much on the way.

Loz Taylor added: “We’re really grateful and we’ll see you on the road soon!”