Sheffield City Council has today asked people to #BeWinterReady and ensure they are ‘in the know’ about gritting ahead of the winter period.

Gritting vehicles are on standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from 1 October to 30 April and focus on two main priority routes in Sheffield.

There are also over 2,200 grit bins across the city, which are checked and filled at the start of each winter.

In a video by Amey and Sheffield City Council, Brenda Hind, Chair of the Burncross Action Team, said: “As winter approaches, it’s very important that we are in a position to clear the footpaths and the areas around our streets, which are not routinely cleared by the council immediately after snow falls.

“Take your snow shovel, clear away some of the snow if possible and go and fetch some of the salt.”

The council clears snow from the busiest pavements and pedestrianised areas around the city centre, hospitals and main retail areas.

No other pavements across the city are gritted and abandoned or badly parked cars can prevent their gritters from getting through.

Wayne Southall, a worker for Street’s Ahead, said: “If we’ve got heavy snow and cars are just sat there in traffic jams, our gritters aren’t getting through.

“Please stay at home, let us plough and do our job.”

You can watch the video on how to grit by Sheffield City Council below.