Today, Sheffield hosted the 28th edition of Percy Pud – a Christmas-themed 10K run with Christmas puddings awaiting all the participants at the finish line.

The popular race was organised once again after a two year break caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Omar Ahmed, 24, who is preparing for a half marathon, was the first person to cross the line. He said: “I am so excited. First 5K was windy and cold but I tried to win the race and I did. I am proud of myself and proud of the people of Sheffield. They were cheering on all the time, they are lovely and I would like to say thank you to them.”

Sally Ratcliffe, 27, originally from South Yorkshire, came all the way from London to participate in the run to prepare for the Seville Marathon next year.

She said: “It feels good to be the first woman to cross the line. My time is slightly slower than what I wanted but it is very windy today.”

“The support on the course, even from the other runners, was absolutely unreal. I have never had such support, even in London. It definitely helped me when it was getting tough. Everyone is so friendly and the race is very well organised. I really enjoyed it.”

But not everyone started the race with the aim to win.  John Burkhill, 82, a legendary Sheffield “man with the pram” walked all the way through the course to raise money for Macmillan, a charity supporting cancer sufferers.

Mr Burkhill said: “There was a very cold wind, but it is a great format, a great time of a year, everyone talks to you and it is very friendly.  I am here today because at the moment, I am trying to raise £1 000 000 for Macmillan. So far, I have raised £800 000.”

Rachel Thomas, 24, the events fundraising officer at the Children’s Hospital Charity, decided to take part in the race for two reasons.

Mrs Thomas said: “We very luckily got charity places in the event, so people could buy them from us and then run and raise money for us. Today, I am here supporting the charity but also running. I am just hoping to raise loads of money for Sheffield Children’s Hospital and to kickstart Christmas, but also to just get through the race.

Carol Simpson, 46, the main organiser, was participating in the run to help children from Sheffield.

Mrs Simpson said: “We are helping to raise money for the breathing suite for children. We have been doing it for many years now. We have raised over £3 000 over the last five- or six-years, helping children and parents. But also I am running to get into the Christmas spirit, like every year, and I am hoping to finish the run.”